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The loss of a pet is the hardest thing about pet ownership. Grieving for a pet is no different than grieving for any family member. At Printed Pawz, we often make beautiful jewelry pieces as a remembrance for a lifelong companion. A tangible keepsake can bring lasting comfort and keep the memory of a pet close, every day. Read more about ways to cope and heal after the loss of your beloved friend.
Writer Jonathan Swift once stated that “Every dog must have his day,” and for our tail-wagging chums in the springtime of their life that day is March 23rd — National Puppy Day! Founded in 2006 by celebrity pet and home lifestyle expert Colleen Paige, the message of the annual ode to fur babies is two-fold– to celebrate the puppies who are the sunshine of our lives, and to shine a light on the option of pet adoption.
Congratulations, you're just engaged! While some people plan a wedding in almost no time at all, the whole process typically takes at least a year. The earlier you start wedding planning, the more likely you can...
It’s no secret that a dog is man’s best friend, right? So why not pamper your pet in a special way to showcase your love? But what about all the other animals out there? Cats, birds, llamas, goats and even...

The holidays are filled with joy, laughter and time spent with family and friends. In the bustle of the season, however, it’s easy to forget these festivities aren’t always pet friendly. We at Printed Pawz, know how important our pets can be to the whole family. Here are some reminders to keep your furry friends out of the vet clinic this holiday season.

If you’ve lost your pet, it’s important to find a special way to honor them and what they mean to you. Pets are very much a part of the family, and their loss can be felt acutely amongst all members of the family. Pet memorial jewelry is one of the best ways to hold your beloved dog, cat, or pet close for years to come. 
Your pet, it turns out, is good for the heart, body and mind. Anyone who has been greeted by a love-hungry dog after a business trip, or felt the warmth of a cat curled up beside them when they’re sick, surely understands the bond between pets and people. It's deep, life affirming and real. 
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