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Who Is Printed Pawz and Why You Should Choose Us

Your pet, it turns out, is good for the heart, body and mind. Anyone who has been greeted by a love-hungry dog after a business trip, or felt the warmth of a cat curled up beside them when they’re sick, surely understands the bond between pets and people. It's deep, life affirming and real. What is now being confirmed regularly by science is how powerfully the human-animal connection contributes to healthier, happier and simply better lives — for people and pets.

Research today shows that when you bring the two together, a person’s physical and mental wellbeing improves, and the pet thrives, too. At Printed Pawz, we aren't just making beautiful jewelry; we are capturing some of your most meaningful moments and memories. Our signature custom jewelry products are pieces of art -- custom creations featuring the true love of your life – your pet!  

Inspired by the love between owner and pet, Printed Pawz was founded with the desire to give back. People with disabilities can augment all aspects of their lives with service animals, who execute support depending on the disability of their owner. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) stipulates that service animals are specially trained to assist a person with disabilities in their tasks and daily life. The tasks that service animals perform are essential actions, like guiding people with visual impairments, signaling certain sounds for those who are deaf, retrieving items for people with mobility issues or alerting about impending cardiac episodes or seizures.

Aside from these physical support, service animals also have other advantages that enhance emotional well-being from their unique bond with their owners. That’s why at Printed Pawz, we donate a portion of every purchase to support the training and placement of service animals that provide increased independence and assistance to people with disabilities. 5% of net profits are donated to service dog organizations, including Canine Companions and Paws4Ability.   

 So why should you choose us? Our sole focus is on you and your pet. Our high-quality jewelry products are pieces that we would buy for ourselves or as gifts for the people and pets we love. We work with all kinds of pets and can turn your photo into a one-of-a-kind creation. Visit our website and get inspiration for your memorable jewelry from our best seller list You will be PAWZitively happy you did!

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