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Photo Tips

Selecting your pet's photo 

We can work with most photos but the better your photo is, the better your finished product will be! Check out our tips below for uploading an image that's perfect for our customization process. 

1. Upload your pet photo taken in a well-lit room or sunny day outside. 


 2. Take your picture while your pet is sitting up or standing, since these angles tend to work best. Include part of the upper body in your photo.


 3. Close up and in focus is best! You don’t have to worry about the background – we remove that!


4. Profile photos for our Silhouette jewelry should be taken from the side. Make sure the profile outline of the face is very clear. 

5) For our Paw Print jewelry, take a photo of your pet's entire paw with the pads clearly showing. 

Questions about which photo will work best? Email us at


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